Automatic ACH/EFT Payment Module

Richard Hadad, President of American Software & Computers, Inc., announces the addition of its Automatic ACH and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) interface payment module. Companies that provide financing for their clients want ACH/EFT because of timely and prescheduled incoming payments as well as providing a higher quality account. CreditStar’s automated payment module can accept both; electronic Checks and Credit Cards. Just add the payment routing information and CreditStar will process everything for you. CreditStar can also process one time electronic payments.

CreditStar will check for payment dates and amounts daily and will prepare all functions for the payment transfer. No more checking accounts for dates and payment amounts to be transferred. With CreditStar’s ACH Payment Module, all functions are automated.

American Software & Computers has partnered with to manage the withdrawal process. CreditStar clients must register and be accepted.

Only users with permission can enter the customers secure information file. CreditStar’s ACH and EFT service is also designed to manage one time payments by check or credit card. CreditStar will enter the date of the transaction in the customer’s communications log. All functions of this module have been automated. There are no limits to the number of accounts that CreditStar’s ACH/EFT module can manage. Once the transfer information is entered in the customers secured information file, CreditStar can manage the account until it is paid in full. All client information is secured.

American Software has negotiated very competitive terms for CreditStar software users.

American Software & Computers, Inc

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